American Revolution

Aunt Sam

Bryan, William Jennings

Carter, Jimmy

Civil Rights

Civil War

Clinton, Bill





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Declaration of Independence

Douglas, Stephen A.



Flag Day

Franklin, Benjamin

Franklin, Benjamin

Glenn, John

Goldwater, Barry

Great Seal of the USA

How a Bill is Made

Humphrey, Hubert H.

Jackson, Andrew

Jackson, Andrew

Jefferson, Thomas

Jefferson Memorial


King, Martin Luther

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hat

Lincoln, Abraham

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln and Washington

Marshall Plan

Mount Rushmore

Nation, Carrie

National Anthem


Obama, Barack

Obama, Barack

O'Connor, Sandra

Peratrovich, Elizabeth Wanamaker

Pierce, Franklin

Rankin, Jeannette

Reagan, Ronald

Red and Blue States

Rocket Ride

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Separation of Power


Tayloe Ross, Nellie

Uncle Sam


Washington, George

Washington Monument

Wave the Flag

White House

White House

White House

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